About us
Welcome to Magnus Opus french bulldogs website.  The latin name Magnus Opus means great work and it is my plan to ensure that all frenchies that I breed are of the highest quality.  My name is Michalis and I live in the city of Paphos on the beautiful island of Cyprus.  I am a teacher by profession and an enthusiastic lover of french bulldogs by choice. 
My love for the frenchies started when I acquired my first pet Tasha and through her found all about the loveable, playful and devoted characteristics of this special breed.  Although Tasha was a pedigree girl I only ever wanted her as a pet.  Tragically Tasha was poisoned and only lived for 3,5 years but her lovely personality led me to the decision that I wanted to have another frenchie.
I decided that before I looked for my next dog, it was important that I understood as much as possible the French bulldog breed and I spent a lot of time researching their unique personality and qualities.
All my dogs are brought into this world as part of my family and they receive lots of love and attention.  My personal aim is to ensure that all my frenchies have good show careers and are good breeding potential and so far I think I have managed to achieve a good level of success.  For more information about my French bulldogs you can visit their individual pages on the website.    
I hope you enjoy the website and if you wish to find out more about myself, my breeding plans or my frenchies  please let me know. 
Kind regards






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